Self compassion and our health - stone with compassion carved into with trees and people in the distance inbackground

Staying kinder to yourself, according to the latest research shows it can make you healthier.

With self-compassion being shown how important it is for your emotional and mental health well being, newer research finds that self-compassion plays a big part in our physical health.

Self-compassion compromises three elements which are :

1. Mindfulness

Being aware of negative feelings and thoughts without dwelling too much on them.

2. Self-kindness

Showing care and understanding when we experience various human imperfections

3. Humanity

Acknowledging that we are all imperfect and we all at times do suffer

In 2017, a study was published that found people who have higher levels of self-compassion tend to deal with stress better, which is very interesting.

Chronic stress does directly affect our health as not only does it create a spike in blood sugar and blood pressure, but it also suppresses our immune system. How we react to stress and the more stressful situations we are in, we are more likely to reach out for unhealthy options to help us cope for example sugary snacks, alcohol and smoking.

Adopting healthy behaviours can make such a difference to our long term health along with being kinder and more respectful to ourselves will create greater happiness in our lives.

Complimentary therapies really support us, especially during stressful times. Reflexology works on all the systems of the body calming and healing our bodies when we are overloaded and promoting the need to rest and sleep well.