the importance of looking after yourself using massage with essential oils

Look after yourself you are so important because there is only one of you, and itʼs of great importance to ourselves physically, emotionally and energetically, that we take care of ourselves.

If we are not alright in ourselves then we canʼt be alright for those we love and support.

When we donʼt eat properly or sleep well, we are not able to function at our best. Additionally, we are more likely to become rundown and unwell with simple ailments like colds and flu.

Even more so at this time of year when the weather is not so good and we are all trying to do more than usual.

What is too much stress?

Stress levels vary from one person to the next, as do peopleʼs resilience to stress. Some people cannot cope with stress at any level, whereas others can cope most of the time, but when have extra stress coming at them from various directions at the same time it can be difficult to manage.

If they donʼt have enough support through these difficult times by family and friends, they can go on to suffer burnout and illness and are more prone to body aches and pains in particular hips back shoulders and neck.

How can I support myself?


Have regular full-body massages, with essential oils that are tailor-made, for you. The benefits of therapeutic massage, are well documented and can provide endless benefits. It helps relax the mind and body, lowers your blood pressure and promotes calm in our nervous system.


Having reflexology is like having a therapeutic hug!

Reflexology works on every single system within our body. By allowing ourselves to become relaxed and calmer it enables our body to reset itself.

Clients tell me how they feel very tranquil and calm afterwards and some of them report how they can really feel their feet in a much better way, this is quite often due to toxins being released slowly during the treatment.

Reflexology is available with Jo Waterford

The worries

I have had several clients tell me that they are worried about falling asleep during a treatment. Falling asleep is not only a compliment, but it is one of those things that bring gratification to a therapist. It is an indication of trust, relaxation and good techniques coming together to create wellness.

There have been times I have had clients snoring and when they wake up they apologise. For first time clients, I will let them know that some people fall asleep, drool and make stomach noises, and that is quite normal, it proves the treatment has achieved the aim of deep relaxation.

If you would like to chat to see how you can look after yourself better using therapies, then please do get in touch.