Face Reflexology – FRCC

Price: £45

Face reflexology offers a wonderful alternative to working on the feet, as a lot of people are very sensitive about their feet.

I wanted to advance my interest in this, and so a couple of months ago I trained in and with Catherine Clooney, Face Reflexology Clooney Concept FRCC.

This therapy uses finger techniques of working horizontal and vertical zones using reflexology western techniques and eastern pressure points.

Stimulation of reflex points on the face, send signals to the corresponding part of the body through the meridians of eastern pressure points and the nervous system of western medicine.

Working contours of the face through various face maps and techniques, this therapy helps to improve health and vitality, as I work with close proximity to our central nervous system and our brain, which helps to encourage a faster healing response and therefore promotes relaxation.

It targets our health and wellness by working upon the organs, structures and systems on the face.

Results show it supports our bodies by:


  • Improving sleep
  • Helps to balance stress levels and hormonal health
  • Assists in reducing headaches and migraines
  • Skin feels more toned and fresh
  • Can help ease jaw and neck tension
  • Aid’s relief from sinus congestion
  • Can help with post covid taste and smell issues
Facial Reflexology is available with Jo Waterford Therapies

I cannot recommend Jo enough. She is honestly so lovely and has the most calming and tranquil energy.

I’ve had several treatments with her including Face Reflexology, and I always feel amazing afterwards. If you are considering booking an appointment just do it, you won’t be disappointed