Fertility Reflexology

Price: Initial 90 minute consultation and treatment £60.00, treatments afterwards £45.00 for 1 hour

While most couples will conceive within a year of trying, some will need to have some help reflexology can help support couples through this time.

The first consultation and treatment appointment is 90 minutes, which will give us plenty of time to discuss your fertility journey.

Using specific techniques working the reproductive areas can bring hormonal balance, improve regularity of menstrual cycle, improve libido which in turn reduces stress and underlying tension in the body. When hormonal balance happens it can increase fertility and along with a good diet and lifestyle changes. Nothing is guaranteed with any therapy, it’s about creating balance, trusting your body and monitoring your body’s natural cycle.

It can also assist with ladies who suffer with PCOS- polycystic ovaries .

Treating men to help assist fertility is really important as well, it increases motility of sperm and increases their libido as well.

Benefits of Fertility Reflexology

  • Balances female hormones

  • Improves lymphatic drainage to remove toxins

  • Endorphin and Oxytocin release for increased relaxation

  • Increases libido

  • Regulates menstrual cycle

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

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Fertility Massage is available with Jo Waterford