Hopi Ear Candles

Price: £40.00 for both ears

Thermo auricular therapy is a lovely therapy that has been practised by many cultures for years. It works on the principle that the candles act as a chimney effect, that causes very gentle vibrations between the inner and outer ear. When you create balance, the ears function better. As this therapy is carried out in a safe environment, it is not dangerous! The residue from the candles does vary from person to person, and it’s not known to be earwax but candle residue.

I have found over the years that candling is a helpful treatment especially for people with balance issues and extreme vertigo. The treatment includes lymphatic massage of the neck and face.

Benefits of Hopi Ear Candles

  • Reduces thick heavy sensation in the ears
  • Relieves sinus pain
  • Assists with the relief of tinnitus symptoms
  • Helps control earwax build up
  • Helps with head colds
  • Headaches
  • Vertigo
Jo Waterford offers Hopi Ear Candling