Indian Head Massage

Price: £35.00 for 60 minutes

Indian Head Massage originates from Ayurveda.  An ancient method involving natural therapies, which takes into account mind, body and spirit, and is regularly practised in India for over a thousand years.

It is a healing relaxing therapy of face, head, neck and shoulders and can be carried out with you fully clothed and seated or lying face down with upper body undressed. The therapy uses acupressure type massage to release tension, alleviate knots in the shoulders and relax the head.

Massage pressure is firm but has a gentle rhythm to it which helps calm these very important energy centres of our bodies. Regular massage of the head enhances the health of the scalp and encourages healthy condition of the hair along with stimulates hair growth.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

  • Calms the mind and engages stillness
  • Clears your head and helps you think more clearly
  • Stimulates hair growth with regular treatments
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Relieves certain headache types
  • Helps with sinusitis
  • Better sleep, therefore reducing insomnia
Jo Waterford Therapies - Indian Head Massage