Price: £45.00 for 60 minutes, £60.00 for 90 minutes

I trained in Swedish massage but I tend to use a variation of all the different types of massage that I have learnt, which include deep tissue massage.

All massage treatments are tailored to your needs and to the symptoms you present to me. I generally use essential oils as they add so much to your treatment, but I can just use the massage oil on its own if you prefer.

Massage encompasses the whole body and treats it from the emotional through to the physical need, by enabling homeostasis , which is the regulation, stability and function of the body.

Massage helps soothe sore and tired muscles, reduces aches, pains and it helps improve your posture.

Your body’s relaxation response, occurs involuntary, as your soft tissue is massaged,  your heart rate and breathing slow down , encouraging you to let go and sink into the couch.

Massage was always my passion as it is such a versatile therapy with so many uses from relaxation to pain relief.

Benefits of Massage

  • Relieves muscular tension
  • Increases blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic flow
  • Helps soft tissue recover from injuries
  • Increases joint flexibility and skin tone
  • Reduces stress
  • Aids relaxation
  • Better sleep
Massage is available with Jo Waterford

Thank you so much, for my therapy massage yesterday, it was just what I needed to get rid of those knots in my neck, back and  shoulder’s. Feeling so much better today looking forward to my next one.