Pregnancy Reflexology

Price: £45.00

Reflexology during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, reflexology is a wonderful support for the mum to be. At times, finding out you are pregnant is a surprise, and it can leave you feeling quite vulnerable. With hormonal changes and emotions that alter, you need to be supported during this time. Having a wonderful supportive partner is great but it’s really important to fit some you time throughout your pregnancy.

Reflexology supports you through emotional concerns about your pregnancy by addressing imbalances and optimising your health.

Midwives are generally very supportive of alternative therapies which are really good. Studies have shown that having regular treatments during your pregnancy can reduce time in the first stages of labour and reduce pain during labour.

Benefits of Reflexology During Pregnancy

  • Increases Mother and Baby connection
  • Morning sickness
  • Heartburn
  • Emotional and hormonal wellbeing
  • Anxiety
  • Reduces stress
  • Backache
  • Sciatica
  • Pelvic Girdle Pain
  • Constipation
  • Reduces swelling in feet and ankles

Jo supported me with both massage and reflexology during pregnancy and beyond. Jo is very professional and discusses various options which would benefit you most. A lovely person and brilliant at what she does!


Priming for Labour Reflexology

Reflexology from 37 weeks onwards, helping you and your baby get ready for the birth. It’s advisable to have regular sessions up until your due date and beyond until your baby is ready to be delivered.

Using various techniques and stimulating certain reflexes such as the Pituitary gland which produces Oxytocin the love hormone. It helps the uterus to contract and signals to the baby that the body is getting ready.

Bringing the body into a state of relaxation is key here, as the more relaxed you are the better, then hopefully without needing to be induced, you can go into labour.

Reflexology doesn’t guarantee that you will go into labour but in my experience, it does help to get things moving which helps mum and baby.

Breech Babies

Moxibustion or Moxa sticks are a traditional technique the Chinese use to turn a breech baby usually at about 34-36 weeks. Sticks of dried herbs are heated and are used to stimulate acupressure points on the little toes, which activates the bladder meridian and encourages the baby to turn.

I offer Reflexology treatment and the use of Moxa sticks in one appointment for breech babies, to get the maximum effect because you stimulate more acupressure points on the feet to encourage the baby to turn.


Moxa Sticks used for turning breech babies

Rebozo’s are Mexican shawls that can be used for turning breech babies by wrapping the shawl around the mother’s bump, and using jiggling and sifting actions, I can loosen ligaments that will help encourage the baby to turn. It’s a non-invasive gentle technique to use and it can also be incorporated when going into labour to help mum to relax.


Reboso Shawl for breech babies